Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jan Seva Family Home Visits

As a part of the Jan Seva Community Health Program to evaluate nutrition in the home, members of our group will be making visits to the homes of a few students.  Today, we had the opportunity to meet a Jan Seva family in their home. Dad walked to school to escort us to the family’s home, located next to an open sewer alley gutter.  Grandma, Mom, and Dad shared their struggles with food insecurity, sharing that two to three times per week they do not have enough to eat. On those days, the family does not eat or eats puffed rice. The family purchases the equivalent of $1.50 - $2.00 per day. Through tears, Grandma shared how she worries about the health of her children and grandchildren.  Grandma shared pictures of the family and brought us to a Kali, a Hindu goddess, shrine to share a blessing with us. We continue to work with families to determine how Jan Seva can best support the community families and children. 

Mom, Dad and younger sibling


Cooking quarters

Kali Temple

We visited the village where Grandma
buys the daily food for the family

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