Monday, January 8, 2018

A Day at Jan Seva School and Clinic

Pathways to Children is the major funding source for the operation of the Jan Seva School and Clinic and the related community outreach projects.  Jan Seva and its programs are made possible through a partnership with the Society for Indian Children's Welfare, an experienced and dedicated charitable organization with a long history of supporting children and families.  Jan Seva's mission is to give severely impoverished women and children in Kolkata the necessary education and skills to lift themselves out of poverty while caring for their basic nutritional and medical needs so that they can learn and thrive.
Receiving the traditional Hindu blessing and welcome
Morning assembly to say the Indian pledge of allegiance and to sing the Indian national anthem


Many people generously donated supplies for the school, supplies to make jewelry for the women's vocational training and medical supplies for the health clinic.  Thank you for helping support this meaningful cause.  
Inspecting the sewing machines
in the women's vocational training center


The University of Minnesota School of Public Health teammeets with the Jan Seva school administrators
and community health coordinators


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